AlertBoot Disk Encryption and Mobile Security

Industry-leading data security technology by AlertBoot

Alertboot Disk Encryption and BYOD Security
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Mobile Device Management; Full Disk Encription and Customisable Compliance Reporting for HIPAA, PCI and any Auditing Need

Protect customer and corporate data with AlertBoot mobile device management and managed disk encryption software

AlertBoot is a cloud-based suite of data security tools for individuals and organisations that need cost-effective, scalable device encryption and management for smart phones, tablets, and computers. AlertBoot prevents unauthorised access to mobile and stationary endpoints if a device falls into the wrong hands, be it a smart device, removable media, or fixed and external computer hard disks, and is a critical tool for supporting and enforcing acceptable use policies for mobile devices in the BYOD era.

Industry-leading data encryption technology and MDM integration

AlertBoot integrates encryption and device management into one easy-to-use unified platform. All physical disks on laptops and desktops use proven encryption algorithms revolutionised by the FIPS 140-2 Certified Mobile Armor Security Engine from Trend Micro. Smart phone and tablet security and encryption is managed using Trend Micro Mobile Security.

Secure user authentication and authorisation

Centrally defined and enforced password rules and Power-On Authentication prevents password penetration attacks.

SecureAuth: an added layer of authorisation

SecureAuth from MultiFactor Corp. uses encrypted X509 Client certs to prevent phishing, DNS, and man-in-the-middle attacks without the IT headaches that come with other certificate-based solutions.

Centralised security management and IT tools

AlertBoot client applications can be managed online. All users, smart devices, computers, recovery keys, and other functions can be administered remotely.

Company-wide password policy enforcement

Administrators can set customizable password strength requirements, and AlertBoot can ensure that everyone’s endpoint PC, smart phone and tablet complies with the password strength policy.

Enterprise-grade auditing and reporting

Centrally managed audit logs and customisable reporting ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations. Advanced content encryption for files and USB keys Advanced Content Encryption lets you protect SD cards and portable USB devices — so they stay encrypted regardless of where they go.

System Requirements:

Operating systems

  • Apple iOS for iPhones/iPads
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Symbian devices
  • Windows Mobile devices
  • Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (Service Pack 1)
  • Microsoft Windows 7

Support for data recovery, imaging and forensics

  • LenovoВ® Rescue and Recovery-secure recovery of encrypted operating systems and data
  • Windows PE 2.0 (recovery operating system)
  • Ready for Encase (Guidance Software), AccessData, and Kroll Ontrack

AlertBoot Datasheet:

AlertBoot Casestudies:

Technological Briefs:

Key Features of AlertBoot

Powerful, transparent data security integration

  • Unified, centralised computer disk encryption and mobile device security management platform
  • Cloud-based, transparent remote management and installation of encryption and security policies for better productivity and ease of use
  • Audit logging and customisable reports to better manage security events

Multi-Platform Mobile Device Management

  • Secure and manage iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian devices, including smart phones and tablets
  • Manage remote disk wipes, password policies, Wi-Fi and VPN provisioning, and more
  • Control apps and manage additional platform-specific security features

Centralised Disk Encryption via the Cloud

  • AES-256 full disk encryption extends to removable, external media
  • Advanced protection: preboot authentication, password penetration prevention, and encrypted hibernation
  • Single sign-on and no performance degradation
  • Secure password recovery over phone or web, including web self-help

Powerful central administration

  • Centrally enforced encryption rules
  • Easy, centrally managed installation
  • Transparent roll-out over a vast network — reduce the burden on your IT staff

Audit logging and reporting

  • All client activities/status and security events are logged and stored locally and centrally
  • Types of logs and storage locations are user-defined
  • Administrators can filter, view, and print log reports


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