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The success of your business relies heavily on how secure your PCs, laptops, and tablets are and how systematically you protect your customers' data. With AntivirusPro – Business Edition you have the latest generation of Avira's award-winning security technology at your side. It's reliable, proven millions of times in IT practice, and a prime example of German engineering.

The smart, total security solution for businesses

Real-time threat prevention

Signature-based detection, heuristics analysis, and cloud-based scanning give you complete protection against malware.

Advanced network drive protection

Antivirus Pro prevents malware from being stored or spread by your internal network or cloud-based storage solution.

Advanced Web Protection

Phishing scams, infected websites, drive-by downloads... Antivirus Pro ensures employees never land on harmful websites.

Email Protection

Antivirus Pro scans locally installed email clients, so employees neither receive nor spread malware to colleagues and customers.


Every month, Avira blocks over a million ransomware attacks, preventing ransom demands of over 600 euros per attack. Our unique security technology stops ransomware before it can unleash its damage.


Even when this powerful antivirus technology is active, your servers will keepperforming at their best when the processing load is high.

Centralized Management

Avira business products can be managed using our strategic partners' management consoles.

Zero maintenance costs

No maintenance or other hidden costs. Avira doesn’t interfere with server uptime or availability. Outstanding customer support is available to you whenever you need it, and included in the service.

Endpoint Protection - Core Functionality
Self-Protection Protects the program from unauthorized modification
Real-time (On-Access) Scanning Performs scans on potentially malicious files and analyses processes of the system for malicious code in real-time
Scheduled (On-Demand) Scanning Performs scans on certain areas or objects of the system for malicious code on pre-defined schedule
Web & Email Scanning Performs Web and Email traffic scan for malicious code
Behavior Monitor Monitors the processes on the system for malicious behavior
Automatic Virus Signature Updates Automatically update the engine with the latest Virus Signature updates
Automatic Program Updates Automatically update the engine with the latest Program updates
Password Protection Enables password-protected access to the settings of the program
Cloud-based Reputation Performs Cloud-based reputation checks of files and processes for more intelligent decisions