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The innermost protective circle of our Layered Security concept protects the heart of every corporate network: the clients on which employees work with sensitive data on a daily basis, where they enter access data and open attachments from e-mails. Endpoint Security includes all the technologies that protect these clients directly from threats and exploiting vulnerabilities. This includes proactive protection against malware, including an effective client firewall and efficient patch management to prevent vulnerabilities in installed programs from becoming an attacker's gateway.

Reliable detection of known malware and Next Generation Proactive Technologies

If malware was intercepted by its signature on the outer defense rings, it could not cause any damage yet. Only when the code contained in the code is actually executed and gets computing time in the processor can it unfold its potential. Once a malware has overcome all levels and is activated on the client, it encounters behavior-based detection. This is the last line of defense. Only when it's taken is the attacker at the target.

G DATA business solutions have numerous next-generation technologies such as:

  • Heuristic algorithms
  • Exploit Protection
  • BankGuard
  • Keylogger Protection
  • Behavior Blocking

They are able to identify and stop unknown malware by its behavior before damage occurs. The software is then added to the signature list of malicious programs so that the outer defense rings can intervene at an early stage during the next attack.

Changing the rules of the game: Artificial intelligence against cybercrime

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, DeepRay® immediately unmasks camouflaged malware. This innovative analysis method significantly improves your protection against cyber attacks.

Ransomware: A new challenge for companies

Extortion Trojans are currently keeping the corporate world particularly busy. Once a computer is connected to it, the so-called Ransomware encrypts the local files - usually also those on other clients and servers in the network. The attackers then demand a ransom for decrypting the data. Prominent variants such as Petya, WannaCry or Locky could thus cause damage amounting to millions.

G Data's new Anti-Ransomware module protects against these perfidious attacks: It detects when a program wants to encrypt many files in a short time and stops the process early.

Endpoint Protection - Core Functionality
Self-Protection Protects the program from unauthorized modification
Real-time (On-Access) Scanning Performs scans on potentially malicious files and analyses processes of the system for malicious code in real-time
Scheduled (On-Demand) Scanning Performs scans on certain areas or objects of the system for malicious code on pre-defined schedule
Web & Email Scanning Performs Web and Email traffic scan for malicious code
Behavior Monitor Monitors the processes on the system for malicious behavior
Automatic Virus Signature Updates Automatically update the engine with the latest Virus Signature updates
Automatic Program Updates Automatically update the engine with the latest Program updates
Password Protection Enables password-protected access to the settings of the program
Cloud-based Reputation Performs Cloud-based reputation checks of files and processes for more intelligent decisions