Avast Business Antivirus for Linux

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Protect your Linux systems with our Avast Business Antivirus for Linux solution, delivering real-time, advanced protection for Linux distributions. Linux, often considered more secure than other operating software (OS) due to its open OS and lower user base, is growing in popularity and increasingly relied on for critical functions. This sets it up for risk and potential attack. Our Avast Business Antivirus for Linux solves this, providing reliable and high-performance security.

Advanced antivirus protection for all major Linux Distributions

Core Scanner

Scans on-demand for malware, spyware, viruses, and suspicious add-ons or attachments. It also offers a command line scan tool that integrates with email servers using an open source content filter to provide users with more control and management over scans.

Command Line Scanner

Runs fast scanning on any Linux directories using a command line instead of a graphical user interface for maximum performance. Through the scanner’s cron utility, users can schedule and specify the types of scans, choose the settings, and indicate any exclusions.

File Server Shield

Scans Linux file servers in real-time as files are opened, through fanotify-based support that protects files that use both UNIX (NFS) and Windows (Samba) protocols, to ensure continual protection from inbound and outbound cyberattacks.

Regular Virus Definition Updates

Retrieves, checks, downloads, and regularly installs the latest virus definitions – keeping antivirus protection continually up to date.

Automatic Streaming Updates

Automates virus definition and program updates, establishing a network connection to the Avast cloud to retrieve the latest updates in real-time. As a complement to the virus definition update feature, this provides an extra layer of protection for Linux systems.

Scan Result Outputs

Displays results of every malicious file detected on separate lines, showing clean files, files that could not be scanned, and files excluded from the scan.