ActivTrak – Employee Monitoring Software

ActivTrak is a cloud-based productivity monitoring service. By tracking application and web usage on your workstations, it allows you to answer the question - "Who's doing what and for how long."

What is ActivTrak?

ActivTrak is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install cloud-based monitoring software allowing employers of on-site and remote workers to monitor web and application usage, better improving performance and work-place control.

ActivTrak has a very simple, intuitive dashboard allowing you to easily set alarms for user activity notifications and track multiple user sessions in real time from a single screen. The agent quickly collects titlebars, URLs, and screenshots and can easily shutdown applications or notify you of flagged usage.

All data is then stored in a reliable Amazon cloud with a secure SSL protected connection.


Features of ActivTrak

Check what features the monitoring software can provide you with:

Ideal for Monitoring Employee or Student Computer Activity

ActivTrak is short for Activity Tracker, and after just a few minutes of evaluation you will see why ActivTrak is the best way to keep track of how your company’s or school’s computers are being used and why ActivTrak is called the “friendly employee monitoring software”.

Tracking Usage Statistics for Applications and Websites

ActivTrak software allows managers to keep an eye on how their computers are actually being used. For each Windows workstation, it records statistics on application use and websites visited including document titles and URL’s.

Secured by Active Directory of Novell eDirectory Rights

With an invisible, simple to install agent on the workstations and a viewer application for administrators, ActivTrak is secured by network rights. Only network administrators or members of the “ActivTrak Observers” group can view ActivTrak data.

Realtime Network View Website Lockout

In addition to compiling a rich history of application use, ActivTrak provides powerful tools for monitoring user sessions in realtime. The current activity of all employees can be displayed on one screen at one time. Right clicking allows you to view remote screens or access historical data. The alarm feature allows you to be notified of activities of interest, to lock user’s out of certain applications or websites, or to automatically record screenshots.

Tracking the Active Application Titlebar

What makes ActivTrak unique is its strategy of building statistics based on the caption of the active window, i.e. the titlebar. Depending on the application, the caption will contain the name of the document, the website, the subject of the email or other detailed information on the actual work being done. Thus, tracking the caption provides a highly representative picture of user activity, in terms of both topic and time.

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Easy to use

  • Step 1 – Enter your email to create an account
  • Step 2 – Download an invisible agent
  • Step 3 – Install it on the monitored computers
  • Step 4 – Start getting screenshots and reports

ActivTrak is a easy-to-use, easy-to-install free cloud-based monitoring service allowing employers of on-site and remote workers to monitor web and application usage, better improving performance and work-place control.

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