Data Loss Prevention software for home and business users

Insta-LockDown for Home

Insta-LockDown restricts the most commonly used methods of copying data from a computer. This data protection software is specially useful in cases where there is a possibility that a single computer is used by several people, the logon and password information is common knowledge or has been compromised.

Insta-LockDown Features

  • You can Lock Down your computer from data theft with a simple user defined keyboard combination.
  • Restrict users on your computer connecting to the internet via modems & data cards and transferring your data out of the computer.
  • Disallow users to upload your data via a browser to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc..
  • Disable users copying your files or uploading your data from your computer using Wi-Fi or a Wired network.
  • Block copying of personal information to an external USB flash drives or other removable USB storage media.
  • Stop transfer of data from your computer to smart phones / tablets via Bluetooth.

Insta-LockDown Datasheet

Insta-LockDown User Guide

CopyNotify! for SME/SMB

CopyNotify! is a compliance friendly data loss prevention software that monitors user account activity, restricts the unauthorized copying of corporate data via USB Drives, Smart Phones (Via Bluetooth), the internet (via portable Modems), CD/DVDs, Emails and Malware.

CopyNotify! Features

  • Restrict business data being copied onto USB removable storage media by blocking access to unauthorized USB Flash Drives and devices.
  • Keep track of file attachments being sent via web clients such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.
  • Reduce possible Malware and Virus attacks by disabling the USB Autorun feature on USB Flash Drives inserted into an office computer.
  • Stop the unauthorized transfer of office data from office PCs to Smart Phones as well as the upload of data via the Internet.
  • Identify rogue (unauthorized) devices that are logging onto the office network.
  • Monitor CD/DVD burn activity as well as disables CD/DVD devices usage across the office network.

Technical Datasheet

Feature Datasheet

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(For Networks)

Track or Block Files Attachments in Web mail Clients such as GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.
Track or Block Browser Based Uploads to Social Media Applications such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
Deny LAN Access
Deny WI-FI Access
Disable Dongles / Data Cards / Modems
Block Access to Smart Phones / Mobiles (Bluetooth / USB Connections)
Block USB Pen Drives, Digital Cameras, mPeg Players
White-listing of USB Drives / Devices
Read / Write Access Control for USB
Block CD / DVDs
Rogue Device Detection on networks
Software Installation / Uninstallation Alerts
User Logon and Account Monitoring
Notifications and File Logging
Idle Computer Identification and Shutdown
Auto-shutdown of computers after office hours
Deployment & configuration from a single location


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